There have been comings and goings in the past two months at Nicola Law Group. With these changes, we continue to offer unparalleled service defending clients against criminal charges.

Nicola Law Group lawyers

We’re pleased to announce that the lawyers at Nicola Law Group are:

  • Brad Smith, QC
  • Danielle Ching McNamee
  • Lisa Scruton (practises criminal and family law)

Danielle Ching McNamee, our newest addition

Danielle Ching McNamee joined our criminal lawyers in December 2019. Danielle is a top-ranked recent graduate of TRU law school who clerked with the Supreme Court of BC and articled with a prominent Kamloops law firm. She is a strong addition to the office and will work closely with senior criminal lawyer Brad Smith, QC to accomplish outstanding results for their clients throughout BC.

Danielle is focused on building a practice through helping clients resolve their criminal law problems.