Two of Nicola Law Group’s lawyers will attend Canada’s largest criminal law conference July 9 to 13 in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Brad Smith and Sheldon Tate are off to The Rock for a packed criminal law program featuring Canada’s finest judges, Crown prosecutors and defence counsel. Both lawyers attended last year’s conference in Vancouver.

“This program allows me, as a criminal defence lawyer, to remain on the cutting edge of emerging criminal law and evidence issues in Canada. That helps me help my clients,” says Brad.

Evidence, Ethics, and the Administration of Justice

The program covers a lot in these three topics. Some highlights are:

  • Wiretap evidence issues
  • After-the-fact-conduct in evidence
  • Lay witness opinion evidence
  • Getting and using third party records
  • Evidence in bail hearings
  • Sexual assault prosecutions
  • Social media and its impact on prosecutions
  • Ethics: civility in the courtroom

“The Federation of Law Societies Criminal Law Program is the gold standard of current research and evaluation of trends in judicial decisions and the impact of legislative changes,” says Sheldon. “I find it always provides new insights and tactical advantages that aid clients as I tackle their cases.”